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A Mother’s Day Message…

May 14, 2017


We know how busy life can be.  We know because we are parents, too!

Thank you for letting us help you care for your children.  Thanks for letting us give them high fives and hugs.  And thanks for helping them feel brave even when they’re scared.

And THANK YOU for taking care of your children’s health – mouths included!  Thank you for picking healthy foods and drinking lots of water.  Thanks for taking away snacks even when your kids get mad at you.  And thank you for helping their mouths stay healthy and clean.

Being a mom (or a dad!) isn’t an easy job.  There are a lot of tears and hard choices.  But there are hugs and kisses, too.  We hope you get a lot of those last two this weekend!

And come visit us soon 🙂

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