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Let’s Talk Carseats – Staying safe in the backseat!

October 7, 2018

New Carseat Guidelines from the AAP! Since the leading cause of death for children over 4 years of age is motor vehicle crashes, we decided to take a closer look at car seats and safety. The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) just came out with an update for their “Recommendations for Car Seats for Children”…
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Eat the Rainbow and Care for your Teeth!

March 7, 2018

Hello all!  This month, we’d like you to explore foods and nutrition with us! Taking care of your teeth from the inside is just as important as taking care of them on the outside. Brushing, flossing, and dentist visits are so important, but so is eating nutritious food. This month, we’ll be Eating the Rainbow,…
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Let’s Talk Toothpaste! with Cedar Rapids Pediatric Dentistry

January 11, 2018

Let’s talk toothpaste with Dr. Terry Geneser of CR Pediatric Dentistry in Cedar Rapids, Iowa   Fun fact; people have been using material to clean their teeth since 500 B.C.. It started with crushed burnt hooves and egg shells. Thankfully, things have improved since then and we now have a wide assortment of toothpastes to…
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