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Plaque HD Toothpaste: Let’s find these germs!

October 13, 2017

Brushing off plaque can greatly reduce your risk for cavities and gum disease!  But it can be really really hard to do.  Why?  Plaque is white and fuzzy, and on a white tooth, it’s very hard to see.  It usually hugs right along gumlines, where little ones and teenagers don’t like to brush.  And plaque…
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Electronic Forms

September 6, 2017

We have updated our software system!  Parents and guardians will now receive TEXT MESSAGE CONFIRMATIONS for upcoming appointments (YAY!) with the time and location of your visit.  Parents can also FILL OUT FORMS FROM HOME before check-up visits! 1 week before your scheduled dental check-up, grown-ups will receive an email asking to fill out forms – these…
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A Mother’s Day Message…

May 14, 2017

  We know how busy life can be.  We know because we are parents, too! Thank you for letting us help you care for your children.  Thanks for letting us give them high fives and hugs.  And thanks for helping them feel brave even when they’re scared. And THANK YOU for taking care of your…
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