Lucky Lists with Cedar Rapids Pediatric Dentistry

Well - this has been a weird week across the board!  COVID-19 is real and here and our lives are very different.  Things are new for families across the country.  But we are resilient and we will figure this all out together!  We can be lucky... right?

CR Pediatric Dentistry close to General Patient Care

This week, we had to close our doors to general patient care for the safety and well-being of our staff, patients and of our community!

Our office will STILL be here to manage emergent and urgent dental needs, so don't hesitate to call our office if something important comes up.

New Normals...

But we all have a little more family time on our hands, don't we?  We have kids with new expectations of what the "day" will be like.  There will be cuddles and crying; family game nights and time-outs; movies and school work... lots of changes.  We'll be here giving you ideas for snacks (try your best to set limits!!) and activities and to answer any dental questions you may have along the way!

We also thought, with this being St. Patrick's Day week, the world could use a little more LUCK and RAINBOWS right about now.

We've made this neat "Lucky List" for you and your families to sit down and do together some time this week.  Feel free to share yours back with us this weekend!  We'll be posting stuff from our families.  Here are some things we can share right now that we feel fortunate and "Lucky" for:

  • Surprise family time
  • Amazing acts of kindness around the community
  • FROZEN II on Disney+ (!!!)
  • Healthcare workers - doctors, nurses, schedulers - across the state working long hours preparing
  • FaceTime and Skype Playdates!
  • Family walks

What can your family come up with??  :)

Lucky List - CR Pediatric Dentistry


CRPD Lucky List PDF