Frequently Asked Questions

People ask us question all the time about where to get information and what to do for their kids! Here's some of our favorite info for you:

I'm confused about things I read online and am getting mixed messages! Help!  Where can I find good, science-based and time-tested information?

Great question!  There are some sources that we, as Pediatric Dental Specialists, REALLY like and believe in.  Namely, they are from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and goverment sources like the Centers for Deisease Control and teh Food and Drug Administration.  Phew!  Here are some nice, parent-centered sites for you to peruse.

Overall Oral Care for your kids (and yourself!):

Mouth Healthy (from the ADA)

Mouth Monsters (from the AAPD)

Overall health and wellbeing for your children (and some tooth information too!):

Healthy Children (from the AAP)

Dietary information for families:

Eat Right (from the AND)

My Plate (from the USDA)

Healthy Drinks Healthy Kids (a collaboration between the AAPD, AAP, AND, and AHA)

Information about Fluoride benefits and safety:

I Like My Teeth (a large collaboration between medical and dental professionals across the United States)

American Dental Associaition Fluoride Information

A Mom's Guide to Fluoride ( Blog)

What age should my kids start seeing a dentist?

Your child should see the dentist by their first birthday!!  Pediatric dentist are specially trained and feel comfortable seeing children of all ages - including infants! Some children have teeth by 6 months of age, and we want to have lots of time to go over proper care and diet with you early to help grow some healthy habits at your home.  

How long can my kids stay in your practice?

Every child's needs are different.  Some family stay until kids are 8 or 10 years old, and then move on to thier local general dentist.  Other kids will stay with us until they are teenagers.  Many will move on to general dental care at age 18 when they are finished with high school.  Most of our patients want to stay for as long as they can!  We will keep some patients through their early-adult transitions (college or vocational training).  Patients with special healthcare needs may remain in our practice for decades beyond!

Bottom line:  It depends on the needs of your child.  If they have dental needs that are beyond our scope of care (i.e., they need a grown-up dentist to help with grown-up mouth issues), we may ask your child to transition before 18 years of age.  If your older child has oral health needs that we feel comfortable managing and your child is happy seeing us (i.e., your teenager or 20-year-old doesn't mind our smiling faces), they may be welcome to stay.  We will let you know when we feel your child is ready to move on to the world of the "grown-up dentist."